Success Stories

Success Stories

Oil rig down in the Gulf
Thousands live and work on oil rigs for days or weeks at a time. Imagine that your shift is over. It is a cold, windy night. You’re sleeping in your quarters and then, suddenly, the oil rig you live on collapses and falls on its side into the cold choppy waters of the Gulf. There is sudden panic and chaos as everyone tries to swim to the surface, seeking anything solid to grab. Tragically, not everyone survives. Those who do find themselves in a struggle for survival, waiting in the dark for search and rescue. How in the world could this happen? A simple lack of routine inspection and maintenance was the cause.

For one man, the hours spent in the chilly air clinging to a floating life capsule changed his life forever. Why? He couldn’t swim. Terror and anxiety so affected him that even months after his rescue, he wasn’t able to function like before. He suffered nightmares and developed a fear of heights. He was unable to continue employment in the only career he’d ever had. Finally, he got help. Represented by his attorney, he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the negligent oil company was forced to pay him for damages it had caused. More importantly, the company had to change its ways.

Railroad employee: blown from the top of a trestle
Called out to do maintenance during a lightning storm, one man made his way out onto a 50 foot tall trestle. There was a short in the track, and it was his job to fix it. As he raised the sledge hammer above his head, an errant wind caught him unaware and pitched him over the side.

Not only was his body shattered in multiple places but his income stream was cut off. The railroad failed to provide fall protection to all of its employees because of the few hundreds of dollars that would be taken away from its bottom line.

After all was said and done, fall protection gear was issued to all railroad employees that needed the protection.

Hurt in a company vehicle: adding insult to injury
Millions of Americans drive company vehicles as part of their daily responsibilities. Certainly, accidents happen. One young man was so severely injured when his truck left the road that he was paralyzed forever. He is now a quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair and unable to perform even the basic body functions by himself. His prospects for a normal life, marriage, family and career all changed forever.

How did this man’s insurance company deal with his tragic situation? They attempted to structure his benefits in a way that forced his wife to either provide all his nursing care herself, for free (though she is unqualified to do it), or leave him unattended and unable to get himself even a glass of water. Instead of addressing their insured’s needs, the company hired a lawyer and fought to keep from paying a dedicated worker.

With the help of the Diaz Law Firm, following trial and appeal, the victim was awarded full disability benefits and 24-hour daily in-home nursing care. Though no one can undo the damage done by that horrible accident, our firm was proud to help bring our client a measure of financial security and proper nursing care. In this case, it was also important to hold the company accountable for failing to fulfill its commitment to people like our client.

Nursing home: elderly woman dies from lack of proper care
Many elderly people find themselves in nursing homes as they near the end of their lives. These facilities are responsible for providing proper health care for patients who are often unable to communicate their needs. Families often pay thousands of dollars a month for nursing home care.

In one horrifying case, a mother of seven children actually died because her bowels remained impacted and untreated for many excruciating, miserable months. The nursing home knew that she had problems with constipation and even had procedures in place to monitor her needs, but they failed to do so. They ignored her pain. They ignored the obvious fact that this woman had no bowel movements for weeks on end.

As you can imagine, her family was outraged. Though nothing could bring back their beloved mother, the victim’s family wanted to hold the nursing home accountable.

The Diaz Law Firm agreed to help. As a result, each of the seven children received a portion of a substantial settlement that serves as a reminder to those entrusted with the care of our loved ones that they will be punished when they fail to provide proper care.

Physical violence: attacked and permanently injured
Imagine working your way through three years of college, knowing you have only one year before graduation. Imagine being in love and engaged to be married with your whole life ahead of you. Then imagine sitting in your favorite corner bar, listening to music and laughing with friends when someone grabs a knife and stabs you.

That’s what happened to one young college student. All his plans, hopes and dreams were shattered by violence. His injuries were so severe that while he survived this attack, he suffers permanent brain damage. Devastated and struggling to pay for healthcare, his family sought our help.

Though the insurance company denied coverage, the Diaz Law Firm proved that the owner of the bar did not do enough to protect its patron. Businesses have the responsibility to ensure the reasonable safety of their guests, and when they fail to do so, they can be forced to pay damages. Though his life is forever altered, the young man receives the care he needs and has a trust in place to provide for his future care.

In flames: car catches on fire, burns down house and two other vehicles
Sound asleep in bed, one couple awoke to the choking odor of smoke as it filled their house. Fortunately, they got out safely, but the cause of the fire remained unknown. By the light of day, they realized that not only their home but also their three vehicles were destroyed by the fire.

An investigation revealed the cause of the fire — one of their vehicles, while parked in the carport, spontaneously caught fire. It was a manufacturer’s defect. But how does one hold a car manufacturer liable? The Diaz Law Firm helped this couple win a settlement that enabled them to put their life back together.

Apartment complex: man falls and breaks his neck
Repairs are always necessary, though one apartment complex ignored a problem. A railing on the second floor was detached and therefore unable to protect tenants who might lean against it. A man suffered a fall that broke his neck and rendered him a paraplegic, unable to live a normal life or even to care for his own most basic needs.

The apartment complex’s insurance company refused to pay, but the Diaz Law Firm held them accountable. A verdict was reached and money was provided to this man to help him maintain some quality of life.

Seat belt death: manufacturer at fault
One afternoon, the vehicle of a married couple struck an embankment, causing the seat belt to tighten in response to the impact. Instead of saving the woman’s life, the seat belt cut into her chest and severed her aortic valve. She died moments later. The seat belt was defective and the family sought help to prove their case.

The Diaz Law Firm conducted an investigation and actually caught the failure of the seat belt to function properly on video. Not only did the manufacturer settle with the bereaved husband, they were forced to acknowledge their faulty design and make changes in the cars they were to produce in the future.

Cancer: breast lump repeatedly ignored
Every woman fears breast cancer. Women are told to conduct self-examinations and report any unusual changes in their breasts. One young woman found a suspicious lump and reported it to her doctor who told her it was fiber-cystic and that no treatment was needed.

As the months went by, the lump continued to grow. A second doctor in her clinic agreed that no treatment was needed. Finally, after she saw a third doctor outside her clinic, the cancer was identified. She underwent the miserable treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, but too much time had elapsed. The cancer began to spread. The nodes on the right side of her neck, both of her lungs, her liver and her intestinal tract were now under attack by the insufficiently treated cancer. This woman left behind a loving husband and a 10-year-old son.

The Diaz Law Firm took the case and held the negligent doctors responsible. They also won financial compensation for a family in desperate need of help.

Man is thrown from golf cart and breaks his leg
One sunny afternoon, two friends were making the rounds when the already broken arm rail of the golf cart they rented gave way. One man hit the ground so hard that he broke his leg, which needed pins and metal to repair. Naturally, he sought payment for his medical bills. Not only did the golf course deny his claim, they actively interfered in the investigation. In an effort to avoid payment, the golf course secretly replaced the broken arm rail of the cart and denied it was ever broken. Imagine their surprise when an attorney with the Diaz Law Firm showed course officials a photograph of the broken rail — the same rail the golf course denied had ever been broken. The law prevailed; the injured man was awarded a considerable judgment and the golf course was held responsible. This golf course will now be a safer place for others to enjoy.
A dangerous drug
At 42, a man is still young. However, health problems do exist, and when a doctor gave one man a strong antibiotic, it caused his liver to fail and he died. After the family won his case, the pharmaceutical company was forced to place a Black Box Warning on the drug so other doctors would know of the drug’s dangers. Now this drug is off the market.
Insurance: to pay or not to pay?
Hurricane Katrina destroyed thousands of homes and businesses in Mississippi. However, insurance companies make excuses and do not want to pay. Enough said. Insurance companies often think they are in the business of “just” collecting premiums. The Diaz Law Firm believes that these companies should consider themselves in the business of paying claims once the premiums are paid. A deal is a deal. Our firm is proud to have represented victims of Hurricane Katrina and stand ready and willing to help others.

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