Spinal Injuries in Madison Mississippi

spine-injury-in-madison-mississippiOur attorneys at the Diaz Law Firm in Madison Mississippi understand the agony that accompanies major injuries that have occurred as a result of accidents. Spinal injuries are among the worst. Serious spinal injuries can result in permanent paralysis of the limbs and torso, the extent is dependent on the exact location of the injury.

Victims of spinal injuries often spend extensive periods of treatment and surgery at the Madison River Oaks Hospital or similar Jackson, MS hospital. The true cost of spinal injuries can be extremely high. It is vital that if you, or someone in your family, has suffered from spinal damage through no fault of your own that you attempt to claim full compensation. The long term effects of spinal damage mean the compensation requested is typically particularly high. Our attorneys here at the Diaz Law Firm have been able to fight for the rights of spinal damaged clients with great success. It gives us particular pleasure to ensure that clients with spinal injuries are properly compensated.

How do Spinal Injuries Most Commonly Happen in Madison?

There are many ways that someone could sustain a spinal injury. Vehicle accidents are the most common type of accidents in and around Madison. Any serious car or truck crash can result in spinal damage. Accidents on the I-55 that passes close to Madison are commonplace and serious injuries resulting from distracted driving, fatigue, DUI and other major causes of vehicle accidents surface almost daily on the news.

madison-northpark-mallSlips and falls are almost as common as vehicle accidents. Usually, slips and falls happen when least expected and if you fall awkwardly, it is quite possible to end up on your back or on something on the ground that is hard or sharp. Spinal damage to some degree or another is a common but extremely serious injury resulting from a slip and fall.

These sorts of accidents can happen almost anywhere and may be due to negligence on the part of a property owner. Slips and falls at shopping centers like the Madison Mall, or the Jackson Metro Center aren’t uncommon.

What You Should Do if You are Injured in Madison, MS

madison-river-oaks-medical-center-in-mississippiIf you are involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent action it is most important that you seek medical attention immediately. If your spine or back has been injured, you are most likely to be hospitalized at first. As spinal injuries almost always tend to be very expensive as they involve long term medical treatment and ongoing support, you will be keen to contact one of our attorneys at the Diaz Law Firm as soon as you are able to do so to discuss legal action.

If you are unable to come to our Madison, MS office, we can visit you. We offer free consultations and will provide relevant advice and can pursue a claim for compensation on your behalf. As we work on a contingency fee basis, you will not need to pay any upfront legal fees as we only charge when a satisfactory settlement has been negotiated.