Jackson, MS – Important Medical & Emergency Resources

When an emergency occurs, it is important that you know what to do and who you can call. Below, we have compiled some local emergency resources in Jackson, MS to help you quickly get the medical care you need….

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

These first responders are trained and re-certified in emergency care.  The EMS coordinator is responsible for overseeing that the fire department compiles with all laws (local, state, and federal) mandated for the health and safety for the community.

jackson, MS fire departmentJackson Fire Department

This division of the emergency services consists of more than 20 fire stations and 35 emergency vehicles.  They are constantly improving technology and equipment, to provide the community with the best and most up-to-date service possible.  Some of the latest upgrades include (but are not limited to): TSI Portacount Plus Respirator fit testers, chemical detectors, Life Pak AEDs, personal protective gear, Scott Eagle Images, thermal cameras, and a computer lab for easy access to continued education.

Jackson Police Department

Law enforcement is provided to the citizens (about 175,000 people, in 115 square miles of space) of Jackson, MS by the police department.

This department is designed to provide courteous, professional and most importantly effective service, in order to keep the residents and citizens of Jackson safe.


Jackson, MS police department911 Department

 This emergency division dispatches the fire and police departments, as well as, answers all calls regarding all medical emergencies, and sending an EMS team, via ambulance to a scene where they are promptly needed.

Veria Wright is the division manager and she can be reached via email vwright@city.jackson.ms.us, or by phone (601) 960-1245.  This department is accessible 24 hours a day, and the physical address is:  355 Tombigbee St., Jackson, MS 39201.

911 is for life threatening emergencies only.  For instance, all fires, medical emergencies, child endangerment, shootings, sexual assaults, and burglaries in progress warrant a call to 911.  Identity theft and credit card theft is not considered an emergency and should be directed to 601-960-1234

St. Dominic’s Family Medicine of Jackson

890 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS  39056
(601) 200-3131

This 535 bed hospital has roots as far back as 1946, when the infirmary was purchased by the Dominican Sisters.  St. Dominic dedicates resources, talents and time to the community in the name of Jesus Christ.  Not only does the St. Dominic family serve patients within the hospital, but they also contribute compassion to anyone and everyone outside the walls of the hospital. Their mission is also to educate their community, in order to minimize any risk factors for potentially avoidable heath issues.


Merit Health Central’s

1850 Chadwick Dr.
Jackson, MS 39204

Phone: (601) 376-1000

This health care facility has offered cutting edge technology to the Jackson, MS area for more than 40 years.  They specialize in providing a caring and safe environment for the community, while also striving to excel in areas such as: diagnostics, cardiology surgeries, women’s heath, diabetes managements, and burn reconstruction surgeries.  There are more than 1,200 trained professionals on staff, with close to 400 being specialists and surgeons.