Brain Injury Resources in Jackson Mississippi

boy-in-jackson-ms-with-head-injuryAt the Diaz Law Firm in Jackson MS we have particular sympathy for those who suffer from severe injuries. Brain injuries, also known as traumatic brain injuries or TBI can be extremely hard to treat and usually entail long recovery times. TBI can be a devastating experience not just for the victim but for the victim’s family as well.

If you, or a member of your family has been injured in a car crash, on a construction site, in a shopping mall, or wherever it is and have suffered significant brain injuries you should contact one of our attorneys as soon as you can. We realize that this may be difficult if you are undergoing extensive treatment at a Jackson hospital.

However, because as with all personal injury claims, time is of the essence it is important for you or a family member to arrange a consultation with an attorney to discuss the possibility of pursuing legal action against the person, individual or entity that was responsible for the injury.

The Main Causes of TBI in Mississippi

hospital-in-jackson-mississippiSerious injury to the brain can happen in a number of circumstances. The most common reason is a vehicle accident. 20% of brain injuries in Mississippi are related to vehicle crashes. Many of these accidents are fatal. The other main causes of brain injuries in Jackson are slips and falls. These sorts of accidents are extremely common and can happen just about anywhere. They are most likely to happen when the floor surface is uneven, has trash or debris on it, is slippery or icy.

When walking on a sidewalk in Jackson, it is also possible that a heavy object could fall from a height, causing immediate damage to the head. Construction sites can be dangerous places because there may be a number of loose materials or tools in the area that may cause an accident. It is not just workers at a construction site that could be injured. Visitors to the site as well as pedestrians passing close by are at risk. Jackson construction sites include places like the Westin Hotel and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and Museum of Mississippi History.

What You Should Do if Injured in Jackson, MS

city-of-jackson-ms-police-badgeThe priority in any accident that was not your fault is to seek medical attention. In the event that you are going to pursue a personal injury claim, and if you have suffered brain injury, this is extremely important, you should make sure you collect and retain all medical records and invoices if you have had treatment at a Jackson hospital. If police were involved at the accident scene, you may also ask for a police report of the accident. If this is not given to you then you may be able to request it from the City of Jackson Police Department in Pascagoula Street.

When you have recovered sufficiently, you or a family member acting on your behalf should arrange a consultation with one of our Jackson, Mississippi personal injury attorneys. We do not charge a penny for these consultations and can provide advice and, if you wish to do so, pursue a civil action on your behalf. We act on a contingency fee basis, so do not charge a legal fee unless a settlement is satisfactorily completed.